Bill Hamilton Designs is a company built on the love of making people happy. Bill Hamilton, the owner of BIll Hamilton Designs went to school for art with a minor in teaching. He then changed his major to fashion merchandising. Bill Hamilton has a strong sense of texture and color and those details are applied in every event. Bill Hamilton started the company because he was never able to fulfill all of his true passions: planning, design and being a florist; it was either one, or the other. His company philosophy is simple – treat the customer as if we were the customer.


Bill Hamilton is the owner of Bill Hamilton Designs. His design concepts are creative, custom and often emotional for his clients. He loves to make his brides cry in a positive way. Bill finds inspiration all around him. His true passions are Walt Disney as well as Cirque du Soleil. He has a unique power of unlocking details about his customers. He believes that we have a responsibility to teach the youth, not take life so seriously and have compassion for one another. When there is respect for one another we can achieve greatness together. He operates with no egos and don’t be surprised if he gives you a huge hug. Life is a celebration and he lives it to it’s fullest each and everyday. You can see all of this come thru loud and clear in his work.

Photo Credit:  BTW Photography


  • 2015 EPIC Awards: Table Top Award, Best Themed Decor, Best Team Event
  • 2013 EPIC Awards: Table Top Award, Best Team Event
  • 2011 EPIC Awards: Table Top Award, Best Themed Decor, Best Team Event
  • 2010 NACE Tabletop WOW: People Choice Award
  • NACE Detroit: Best Themed Decor
  • NACE Detroit: Michael Havens Award
  • NACE National: Affiliate of the Year Award
  • NACE Washington DC: Top Designer Award
  • Allie Award: Best Use of Decorative Linen



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